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firefox Gray Code features Butch Rovan (clarinets + electronics), Kevin Patton (guitar + electronics), and Fred Kennedy (percussion). Gray Code’s unique style creates a sound that explores timbre, extended instrumental technique, and the ins and outs of groove. At the heart of Gray Code’s music is the extension of their instruments through wireless sensor systems that track performance gestures. Custom-built by Rovan and Patton, these modified instruments allow the real-time control of sound synthesis through physical movement. These new technologies—together with traditional acoustic instrumental techniques—allow the trio to create atmospheric worlds and unleash waves of patterns and rhythmic impulses that are both unrelenting and unpredictable.


March 2010: "floating point" reviewed on the Monsieur Délire music blog. Short excerpt..

...the music speaks to me. It explores sonic and human relations, isn’t afraid to question itself, dives into the unknown with a sense of urgence. Patton and Rovan’s electroacoustic manipulations are interesting, but the real draw here is their interaction. A fine effort.

Click here to visit the Monsieur Délire blog

March 2010: "floating point" heard on "The New Edge" radio show. Click here for details.

March 2010: "floating point" heard on "Taran's Free Jazz Hour" podcast (France). Click here for details.

February 2010: Gray Code has just released "floating point" on the Circumvention label. See the Circumvention site for more info.

Gray Code has been working on new material, as well as new instruments. Recent instrument experiments include Kevin's "Digital Poplar Consort" (DPC) and Butch's "GLOBE" controller.